Mobile monitoring, communication and management centers

In the interests of structural units of Russian ministries and departments, mass media and telecommunications companies, media producer centers and sports clubs, ITECS GROUP offers a project development and delivery of mobile centers of control, communication, press conference and broadcast centers.

In 2010, we realized the project’s delivery of the communication and emergency and man-caused disasters management complex on the basis of a multi-axle truck’s trailer-transformer equipped with a set of autonomous power supply and life-support systems with a filtering anti-radiation system.
Depending on the wishes of the customer, our company is ready to select the best individual solutions and implement the whole complex of support the production and delivery of a specific mobile center.

Helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Since 2014, ITECS GROUP is a distributor of the French company ECA-Robotics (former INFOTRON). We have implemented a project for the delivery and setup of a complex for the collection and broadcasting of diverse factual information on the basis of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the INFOTRON IT-180 helicopter type for the key subdivision of Rosatom Corporation.
Purpose: automated aero-video reconnaissance, protection and monitoring of the state of technical facilities, environmental monitoring. The only Russian-French project for the supply of dual-purpose equipment successfully implemented after the introduction of EU anti-Russian sanctions in 2014, the INFOTRON IT-180 UAVs have a unique design with no competitors among UAVs of vertical take-off and landing, allowing for high efficiency, flight duration and versatility as a carrier of various types of payload. The ability of the INFOTRON UAV to perform fully automatic flight without operator intervention allows it to monitor in real time the collection of data from the payload. Flexible UAV architecture allows you to adapt it to the needs of customers. These devices have been successfully implemented and used by various users, such as energy and oil and gas companies, research centers and universities, hydroelectric power stations, mining companies, civil emergency services, etc.
In the field of supervision of law enforcement and protection of objects, the UAV IT-180 is becoming a key element in ensuring security. The range of application is very wide: for example, assessment of the hydrological situation, identification of foci of fires, conducting search and rescue activities, and solving environmental monitoring tasks.
This unmanned platform was specially designed for operation in difficult weather conditions. Another advantage is the possibility of obtaining high quality photos and video images. The possibilities of using a gyrostabilized platform and day and night vision cameras, as well as video signal processing functions, such as support of various targets, have been realized. Modular design and universal interface allows the use of various types of payload, such as photo and video cameras, radiometric, magnetometric, climatic and other sensors, laser rangefinders and lidars (laser scanners), as well as other types of equipment. In addition, it is possible to use the UAV IT-180 as a temporary radio mast up to 150 meters high, powered by a ground-based power generator by wire. Despite the reliability of the design of the INFOTRON IT-180 UAV and the thoroughness of technical solutions over several thousand flight hours, this system is constantly being modernized to ensure compliance with the latest innovations in the fields of electronics, data transfer protocols.

CCTV and security monitoring systems

At the request of its corporate customers, ITECS GROUP supplies high-tech products from various manufacturers, which allows solving the majority of distributed video surveillance tasks both for small objects and for centralized complex projects, including large industrial facilities and entire settlements. The supplied equipment and systems have an integrated video analytics system, are thoroughly tested, not complicated to install and operate, and can be integrated into higher-level security systems. IP-cameras in the anti-vandal case for city video surveillance help to deter crime and investigate crimes.
To protect commercial centers, offices and government buildings, is used a system of remote high-resolution IP cameras controlled by a centralized system, which also allows the integration of comprehensive access control and security monitoring solutions.

Monitoring of large areas of closed and open space with a small number of economical IP cameras and integrated access control solutions allows employees and customers of shopping and entertainment centers, banks, retail shops and sports facilities to be confident in the personal safety and security of their assets. High-performance IP cameras in a centralized CCTV system help protect property and detect criminal activities in crowded places. Video surveillance is also possible in public transport, facilitating, especially in the evening and at night, the maintenance of safety in buses, subways and trains, and speeding up response time during emergencies.